Rolf Engg. Solutions Inc. supply and manufacture Stainless, Alloy and Carbon Steels.

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Stainless Steel Pipes & Tubes

Rolf Engineering Solutions is one of the leading manufacturer & stockist of Stainless Steel Seamless & Welded Pipes. It carries a wide range of Seamless Pipe from 10.3mm OD to 508 mm OD in thickness from Sch 5S to Sch XXS & Heavier. In manufacturers & stocks Stainless Steel Welded Pipes from 60.3 mm Od to 2540 mm OD in Sch 5s to Sch XXS & heavier.


ASTM A312 – TP304, TP304L, TP304H, TP304N , TP304LN, TP309S, TP309H, TP310S, TP310H, TP316, TP316L, TP316H, TP316N, TP316LN, TP317, TP317L, TP321, TP321H, TP347, TP347H, ALLOY 20, ALLOY 800, ALLOY 800H

304, 304L, 304H, 304N , 304LN, 309S, 309H, 310S, 310H, 316, 316L, 316H, 316N, 316LN, 317, 317L, 321, 321H, 347, 347H, ALLOY 20, ALLOY 800, ALLOY 800H

UNS S31200, UNS S31260, UNS S31500, UNS S31803, UNS S32003, UNS S32101, UNS S32202, UNS S32205, UNS S32304, UNS S32506, UNS S32550, UNS S32750, UNS S32900, UNS S32950, UNS S32760, UNS S32520, UNS SS81921, UNS S82121, UNS S82441



Stainless Steel Welded Pipes
Stainless Steel Welded Pipes







Being the leaders in the industry, we offer stainless steel welded pipes, stainless steel pipes, steel pipes, welded pipes and industrial steel pipes to our clients. They are being offered at the industry leading rates and are fabricated using finest raw material that is being procured from trusted and reliable dealers. These Stainless Steel Welded Pipes are being offered in different sizes and shapes to meet the requirement of the clients. In addition to this, they are highly acclaimed in national and international market for its various profitable properties.

Products Size / Range Thickness Specification
Longitudinal Welded Pipes 8" NB
to 40" NB
2.77 MM
to 16.00 MM
ASTM A-358, A-409,
A-778, A-928
Helical / Spiral Welded Pipes 16" NB
to 72" NB
2.77 MM
to 9.52 MM
ASTM A-409, A-778
Longitudinal with Circumferential Seam Welded Pipes 20" NB
to 64" NB
5.54 MM
to 16.00 MM
ASTM A-358, A-409,

We Supply Seamless Pipes & Tubes as per the following standards. We can also supply other than this standards. So do send us your enquiry.

AISI 201, SUS 201
ASTM A 213/A 213M 201 ASTM A 249/A 249M 201 ASTM A 268/A 268M 201 ASTM A 269/A 269M 201
ASTM A 270/A 270M 201 ASTM A 312/A 312M 201 ASTM A 358/A 358M 201 ASTM A 372/A 372M 201
ASTM A 376/A 376M 201 ASTM A 409/A 409M 201 ASTM A 450/A 450M 201 ASTM A 511/A 511M 201
ASTM A 530/A 530M 201 ASTM A 554/A 554M 201 ASTM A 632/A 632M 201 ASTM A 688/A 688M 201
ASTM A 731/A 731M 201 ASTM A 778/A 778M 201 ASTM A 789/A 789M 201 ASTM A 790/A 790M 201
ASTM A 791/A 791M 201 ASTM A 803/A 803M 201 ASTM A 813/A 813M 201 ASTM A 814/A 814M 201
ASTM A 903/A 903M 201 ASTM A 928/A 928M 201 ASTM A 943/A 943M 201 ASTM A 949/A 949M 201
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 201 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 201 AS1163 201 AS1528 201
G3459 201 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 201 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 201 MIL-P-1144 201


AISI 301, Z 12 CN 17-07, X10CrN18-8, 1.4310, S30100, X12 CrNi 17 7, X 12 CrNi 1707, SUS 301, X 12 CrNi 17-07, 23 31, 301S21 X 12 CrNi 17 7
ASTM A 213/A 213M 301 ASTM A 249/A 249M 301 ASTM A 268/A 268M 301 ASTM A 269/A 269M 301
ASTM A 270/A 270M 301 ASTM A 312/A 312M 301 ASTM A 358/A 358M 301 ASTM A 372/A 372M 301
ASTM A 376/A 376M 301 ASTM A 409/A 409M 301 ASTM A 450/A 450M 301 ASTM A 511/A 511M 301
ASTM A 530/A 530M 301 ASTM A 554/A 554M 301 ASTM A 632/A 632M 301 ASTM A 688/A 688M 301
ASTM A 731/A 731M 301 ASTM A 778/A 778M 301 ASTM A 789/A 789M 301 ASTM A 790/A 790M 301
ASTM A 791/A 791M 301 ASTM A 803/A 803M 301 ASTM A 813/A 813M 301 ASTM A 814/A 814M 301
ASTM A 903/A 903M 301 ASTM A 928/A 928M 301 ASTM A 943/A 943M 301 ASTM A 949/A 949M 301
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 301 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 301 AS1163 301 AS1528 301
G3459 301 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 301 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 301 MIL-P-1144 301


AISI 302, Z 10CN 18-09, X 5 CrNi 18 7, 1.4319, X 10CrNi 1809, SUS302, 12KH18N9, X 10 CrNi 18-09, 23 31 302S25 X 10CrNi 18 9
ASTM A 213/A 213M 302 ASTM A 249/A 249M 302 ASTM A 268/A 268M 302 ASTM A 269/A 269M 302
ASTM A 270/A 270M 302 ASTM A 312/A 312M 302 ASTM A 358/A 358M 302 ASTM A 372/A 372M 302
ASTM A 376/A 376M 302 ASTM A 409/A 409M 302 ASTM A 450/A 450M 302 ASTM A 511/A 511M 302
ASTM A 530/A 530M 302 ASTM A 554/A 554M 302 ASTM A 632/A 632M 302 ASTM A 688/A 688M 302
ASTM A 731/A 731M 302 ASTM A 778/A 778M 302 ASTM A 789/A 789M 302 ASTM A 790/A 790M 302
ASTM A 791/A 791M 302 ASTM A 803/A 803M 302 ASTM A 813/A 813M 302 ASTM A 814/A 814M 302
ASTM A 903/A 903M 302 ASTM A 928/A 928M 302 ASTM A 943/A 943M 302 ASTM A 949/A 949M 302
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 302 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 302 AS1163 302 AS1528 302
G3459 302 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 302 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 302 MIL-P-1144 302


AISI 303, X8CrNi18-9, 1.4305, S30300, Z 10CNF 18-09. X 10 CrNiS 18 9, 1.4305, X 10 CrNiS 18-09, 23 46, 303S21, X 10CrNiS 18 9
ASTM A 213/A 213M 303 ASTM A 249/A 249M 303 ASTM A 268/A 268M 303 ASTM A 269/A 269M 303
ASTM A 270/A 270M 303 ASTM A 312/A 312M 303 ASTM A 358/A 358M 303 ASTM A 372/A 372M 303
ASTM A 376/A 376M 303 ASTM A 409/A 409M 303 ASTM A 450/A 450M 303 ASTM A 511/A 511M 303
ASTM A 530/A 530M 303 ASTM A 554/A 554M 303 ASTM A 632/A 632M 303 ASTM A 688/A 688M 303
ASTM A 731/A 731M 303 ASTM A 778/A 778M 303 ASTM A 789/A 789M 303 ASTM A 790/A 790M 303
ASTM A 791/A 791M 303 ASTM A 803/A 803M 303 ASTM A 813/A 813M 303 ASTM A 814/A 814M 303
ASTM A 903/A 903M 303 ASTM A 928/A 928M 303 ASTM A 943/A 943M 303 ASTM A 949/A 949M 303
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 303 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 303 AS1163 303 AS1528 303
G3459 303 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 303 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 303 MIL-P-1144 303


AISI 303 Se, Z 10 CNF 18-09, X 10CrNiS1809, SUS 303Se, 12KH18N10E, X 10 CrNiS 18-09, 303S41
ASTM A 213/A 213M 303 ASTM A 249/A 249M 303 ASTM A 268/A 268M 303 ASTM A 269/A 269M 303
ASTM A 270/A 270M 303 ASTM A 312/A 312M 303 ASTM A 358/A 358M 303 ASTM A 372/A 372M 303
ASTM A 376/A 376M 303 ASTM A 409/A 409M 303 ASTM A 450/A 450M 303 ASTM A 511/A 511M 303
ASTM A 530/A 530M 303 ASTM A 554/A 554M 303 ASTM A 632/A 632M 303 ASTM A 688/A 688M 303
ASTM A 731/A 731M 303 ASTM A 778/A 778M 303 ASTM A 789/A 789M 303 ASTM A 790/A 790M 303
ASTM A 791/A 791M 303 ASTM A 803/A 803M 303 ASTM A 813/A 813M 303 ASTM A 814/A 814M 303
ASTM A 903/A 903M 303 ASTM A 928/A 928M 303 ASTM A 943/A 943M 303 ASTM A 949/A 949M 303
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 303 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 303 AS1163 303 AS1528 303
G3459 303 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 303 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 303 MIL-P-1144 303


AISI 304, X5CrNi18-10, 1.43301, S30400, Z6 CN 18-09, X 5CrNi 18 10, X 5 CrNi 18 12, 1.4303, SUS304, 08KH18N10, 06KH18N11, X6 CrNi 19-10, 23 32, 304S15, 304S16, X 6 CrNi 18 10
ASTM A 213/A 213M 304 ASTM A 249/A 249M 304 ASTM A 268/A 268M 304 ASTM A 269/A 269M 304
ASTM A 270/A 270M 304 ASTM A 312/A 312M 304 ASTM A 358/A 358M 304 ASTM A 372/A 372M 304
ASTM A 376/A 376M 304 ASTM A 409/A 409M 304 ASTM A 450/A 450M 304 ASTM A 511/A 511M 304
ASTM A 530/A 530M 304 ASTM A 554/A 554M 304 ASTM A 632/A 632M 304 ASTM A 688/A 688M 304
ASTM A 731/A 731M 304 ASTM A 778/A 778M 304 ASTM A 789/A 789M 304 ASTM A 790/A 790M 304
ASTM A 791/A 791M 304 ASTM A 803/A 803M 304 ASTM A 813/A 813M 304 ASTM A 814/A 814M 304
ASTM A 903/A 903M 304 ASTM A 928/A 928M 304 ASTM A 943/A 943M 304 ASTM A 949/A 949M 304
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 304 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 304 AS1163 304 AS1528 304
G3459 304 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 304 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 304 MIL-P-1144 304


AISI 304N, X 5 CrNiN 1810, SUS 304N1
ASTM A 213/A 213M 304N ASTM A 249/A 249M 304N ASTM A 268/A 268M 304N ASTM A 269/A 269M 304N
ASTM A 270/A 270M 304N ASTM A 312/A 312M 304N ASTM A 358/A 358M 304N ASTM A 372/A 372M 304N
ASTM A 376/A 376M304N ASTM A 409/A 409M 304N ASTM A 450/A 450M 304N ASTM A 511/A 511M 304N
ASTM A 530/A 530M 304N ASTM A 554/A 554M 304N ASTM A 632/A 632M 304N ASTM A 688/A 688M 304N
ASTM A 731/A 731M 304N ASTM A 778/A 778M 304N ASTM A 789/A 789M 304N ASTM A 790/A 790M 304N
ASTM A 791/A 791M 304N ASTM A 803/A 803M 304N ASTM A 813/A 813M 304N ASTM A 814/A 814M 304N
ASTM A 903/A 903M 304N ASTM A 928/A 928M 304N ASTM A 943/A 943M 304N ASTM A 949/A 949M 304N
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 304N ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 304N AS1163 304N AS1528 304N
G3459 304N ANSI/ASME B36.10M 303N ANSI/ASME B36.19M 304N MIL-P-1144 304N


AISI 304H, X 8 CrNiN 1910, SUS 304H
ASTM A 213/A 213M 304H ASTM A 249/A 249M 304H ASTM A 268/A 268M 304H ASTM A 269/A 269M 304H
ASTM A 270/A 270M 304H ASTM A 312/A 312M 304H ASTM A 358/A 358M 304H ASTM A 372/A 372M 304H
ASTM A 376/A 376M304H ASTM A 409/A 409M 304H ASTM A 450/A 450M 304H ASTM A 511/A 511M 304H
ASTM A 530/A 530M 304H ASTM A 554/A 554M 304H ASTM A 632/A 632M 304H ASTM A 688/A 688M 304H
ASTM A 731/A 731M 304H ASTM A 778/A 778M 304H ASTM A 789/A 789M 304H ASTM A 790/A 790M 304H
ASTM A 791/A 791M 304H ASTM A 803/A 803M 304H ASTM A 813/A 813M 304H ASTM A 814/A 814M 304H
ASTM A 903/A 903M 304H ASTM A 928/A 928M 304H ASTM A 943/A 943M 304H ASTM A 949/A 949M 304H
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 304H ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 304H AS1163 304H AS1528 304H
G3459 304H ANSI/ASME B36.10M 303H ANSI/ASME B36.19M 304H MIL-P-1144 304H


AISI 304L, x2CrNI19-11, 1.4306, S30403, Z 2 CN 18-10, X 2CrNi 18 11, X 2CrNi1911, SUS304L, 03KH18N11, X 2 CrNi 19-10, 23 52, 304S11, X 3 CrNi 18 10, Z 2 CN 18-10-Az, X 2 CrNiN 18 10, 1.4311, X 2 CrNiN 1811 SUS304LN, 23 71
ASTM A 213/A 213M 304L ASTM A 249/A 249M 304L ASTM A 268/A 268M 304L ASTM A 269/A 269M 304L
ASTM A 270/A 270M 304L ASTM A 312/A 312M 304L ASTM A 358/A 358M 304L ASTM A 372/A 372M 304L
ASTM A 376/A 376M304L ASTM A 409/A 409M 304L ASTM A 450/A 450M 304L ASTM A 511/A 511M 304L
ASTM A 530/A 530M 304L ASTM A 554/A 554M 304L ASTM A 632/A 632M 304L ASTM A 688/A 688M 304L
ASTM A 731/A 731M 304L ASTM A 778/A 778M 304L ASTM A 789/A 789M 304L ASTM A 790/A 790M 304L
ASTM A 791/A 791M 304L ASTM A 803/A 803M 304L ASTM A 813/A 813M 304L ASTM A 814/A 814M 304L
ASTM A 903/A 903M 304L ASTM A 928/A 928M 304L ASTM A 943/A 943M 304L ASTM A 949/A 949M 304L
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 304L ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 304L AS1163 304L AS1528 304L
G3459 304L ANSI/ASME B36.10M 303L ANSI/ASME B36.19M 304L MIL-P-1144 304L


AISI 305, Z 8 CN 18-12, X 8 CrNi 1812, SUS305, X 8 CrNi 18-12, 23 33, 305S19, X 8 CrNi 18 12, Z 6 CNU 18-10, SUS XM7, X 6 CrNiCu 18 10 4 Kd
ASTM A 213/A 213M 305 ASTM A 249/A 249M 305 ASTM A 268/A 268M 305 ASTM A 269/A 269M 305
ASTM A 270/A 270M 305 ASTM A 312/A 312M 305 ASTM A 358/A 358M 305 ASTM A 372/A 372M 305
ASTM A 376/A 376M 305 ASTM A 409/A 409M 305 ASTM A 450/A 450M 305 ASTM A 511/A 511M 305
ASTM A 530/A 530M 305 ASTM A 554/A 554M 305 ASTM A 632/A 632M 305 ASTM A 688/A 688M 305
ASTM A 731/A 731M 305 ASTM A 778/A 778M 305 ASTM A 789/A 789M 305 ASTM A 790/A 790M 305
ASTM A 791/A 791M 305 ASTM A 803/A 803M 305 ASTM A 813/A 813M 305 ASTM A 814/A 814M 305
ASTM A 903/A 903M 305 ASTM A 928/A 928M 305 ASTM A 943/A 943M 305 ASTM A 949/A 949M 305
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 305 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 305 AS1163 305 AS1528 305
G3459 305 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 305 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 305 MIL-P-1144 305


AISI 309, Z 15 CN 24-13, X 15 CrNiS 20 12, 1.4828 X 16CrNi 2314, SUH309, 309S24, X 15 CrNi 23 13
ASTM A 213/A 213M 309 ASTM A 249/A 249M 309 ASTM A 268/A 268M 309 ASTM A 269/A 269M 309
ASTM A 270/A 270M 309 ASTM A 312/A 312M 309 ASTM A 358/A 358M 309 ASTM A 372/A 372M 309
ASTM A 376/A 376M 309 ASTM A 409/A 409M 309 ASTM A 450/A 450M 309 ASTM A 511/A 511M 309
ASTM A 530/A 530M 309 ASTM A 554/A 554M 309 ASTM A 632/A 632M 309 ASTM A 688/A 688M 309
ASTM A 731/A 731M 309 ASTM A 778/A 778M 309 ASTM A 789/A 789M 309 ASTM A 790/A 790M 309
ASTM A 791/A 791M 309 ASTM A 803/A 803M 309 ASTM A 813/A 813M 309 ASTM A 814/A 814M 309
ASTM A 903/A 903M 309 ASTM A 928/A 928M 309 ASTM A 943/A 943M 309 ASTM A 949/A 949M 309
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 309 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 309 AS1163 309 AS1528 309
G3459 309 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 309 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 309 MIL-P-1144 309


AISI 309S, X 6 CrNi 2314, SUS 309S, 20KH23N18, X 6 CrNi 22 13
ASTM A 213/A 213M 309S ASTM A 249/A 249M 309S ASTM A 268/A 268M 309S ASTM A 269/A 269M 309S
ASTM A 270/A 270M 309S ASTM A 312/A 312M 309S ASTM A 358/A 358M 309S ASTM A 372/A 372M 309S
ASTM A 376/A 376M309S ASTM A 409/A 409M 309S ASTM A 450/A 450M 309S ASTM A 511/A 511M 309S
ASTM A 530/A 530M 309S ASTM A 554/A 554M 309S ASTM A 632/A 632M 309S ASTM A 688/A 688M 309S
ASTM A 731/A 731M 309S ASTM A 778/A 778M 309S ASTM A 789/A 789M 309S ASTM A 790/A 790M 309S
ASTM A 791/A 791M 309S ASTM A 803/A 803M 309S ASTM A 813/A 813M 309S ASTM A 814/A 814M 309S
ASTM A 903/A 903M 309S ASTM A 928/A 928M 309S ASTM A 943/A 943M 309S ASTM A 949/A 949M 309S
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 309S ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 309S AS1163 309S AS1528 309S
G3459 309S ANSI/ASME B36.10M 309S ANSI/ASME B36.19M 309S MIL-P-1144 309S


AISI 310, X 12CrNi 25 21, 1.4845, X 22 CrNi2520, SUH 310, 10KH23 N18, 310S24
ASTM A 213/A 213M 310 ASTM A 249/A 249M 310 ASTM A 268/A 268M 310 ASTM A 269/A 269M 310
ASTM A 270/A 270M 310 ASTM A 312/A 312M 310 ASTM A 358/A 358M 310 ASTM A 372/A 372M 310
ASTM A 376/A 376M 310 ASTM A 409/A 409M 310 ASTM A 450/A 450M 310 ASTM A 511/A 511M 310
ASTM A 530/A 530M 310 ASTM A 554/A 554M 310 ASTM A 632/A 632M 310 ASTM A 688/A 688M 310
ASTM A 731/A 731M 310 ASTM A 778/A 778M 310 ASTM A 789/A 789M 310 ASTM A 790/A 790M 310
ASTM A 791/A 791M 310 ASTM A 803/A 803M 310 ASTM A 813/A 813M 310 ASTM A 814/A 814M 310
ASTM A 903/A 903M 310 ASTM A 928/A 928M 310 ASTM A 943/A 943M 310 ASTM A 949/A 949M 310
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 310 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 310 AS1163 310 AS1528 310
G3459 310 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 310 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 310 MIL-P-1144 310


AISI 310S, Z 12 CN 25-20, X 12 CrNi 25 20, 1.4842, X 5 CrNi 2520, SUS 310S 20KH25N20S2, 23 61, X 6CrNi 25 20
ASTM A 213/A 213M 310S ASTM A 249/A 249M 310S ASTM A 268/A 268M 310S ASTM A 269/A 269M 310S
ASTM A 270/A 270M 310S ASTM A 312/A 312M 310S ASTM A 358/A 358M 310S ASTM A 372/A 372M 310S
ASTM A 376/A 376M310S ASTM A 409/A 409M 310S ASTM A 450/A 450M 310S ASTM A 511/A 511M 310S
ASTM A 530/A 530M 310S ASTM A 554/A 554M 310S ASTM A 632/A 632M 310S ASTM A 688/A 688M 310S
ASTM A 731/A 731M 310S ASTM A 778/A 778M 310S ASTM A 789/A 789M 310S ASTM A 790/A 790M 310S
ASTM A 791/A 791M 310S ASTM A 803/A 803M 310S ASTM A 813/A 813M 310S ASTM A 814/A 814M 310S
ASTM A 903/A 903M 310S ASTM A 928/A 928M 310S ASTM A 943/A 943M 310S ASTM A 949/A 949M 310S
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 310S ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 310S AS1163 310S AS1528 310S
G3459 310S ANSI/ASME B36.10M 310S ANSI/ASME B36.19M 310S MIL-P-1144 310S


AISI 314, Z 12 CNS 25-20, X 15 CrNiSi 25 20, 1.4841, X 16 CrNiSi 2520, X 15 CrNiSi 25 20
ASTM A 213/A 213M 314 ASTM A 249/A 249M 314 ASTM A 268/A 268M 314 ASTM A 269/A 269M 314
ASTM A 270/A 270M 314 ASTM A 312/A 312M 314 ASTM A 358/A 358M 314 ASTM A 372/A 372M 314
ASTM A 376/A 376M 314 ASTM A 409/A 409M 314 ASTM A 450/A 450M 314 ASTM A 511/A 511M 314
ASTM A 530/A 530M 314 ASTM A 554/A 554M 314 ASTM A 632/A 632M 314 ASTM A 688/A 688M 314
ASTM A 731/A 731M 314 ASTM A 778/A 778M 314 ASTM A 789/A 789M 314 ASTM A 790/A 790M 314
ASTM A 791/A 791M 314 ASTM A 803/A 803M 314 ASTM A 813/A 813M 314 ASTM A 814/A 814M 314
ASTM A 903/A 903M 314 ASTM A 928/A 928M 314 ASTM A 943/A 943M 314 ASTM A 949/A 949M 314
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 314 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 314 AS1163 314 AS1528 314
G3459 314 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 314 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 314 MIL-P-1144 314


AISI 316, Z 6 CND 17-11, Z 6 CND 17-12, X 5 CrNiMo 17 12 2, X 5 CrNiMo 17 13 3, 1.4401, 1.4436, X 5 CrNiMo 1712, X 5 CrNiMo 1713, SUS 316, X 6 CrNiMo 17-12-03, 23 47, 23 43, 316S31, 316S33, X 6 CrNiMo 17 12 2, X 6 CrNiMo 17 13 3
ASTM A 213/A 213M 316 ASTM A 249/A 249M 316 ASTM A 268/A 268M 316 ASTM A 269/A 269M 316
ASTM A 270/A 270M 316 ASTM A 312/A 312M 316 ASTM A 358/A 358M 316 ASTM A 372/A 372M 316
ASTM A 376/A 376M 316 ASTM A 409/A 409M 316 ASTM A 450/A 450M 316 ASTM A 511/A 511M 316
ASTM A 530/A 530M 316 ASTM A 554/A 554M 316 ASTM A 632/A 632M 316 ASTM A 688/A 688M 316
ASTM A 731/A 731M 316 ASTM A 778/A 778M 316 ASTM A 789/A 789M 316 ASTM A 790/A 790M 316
ASTM A 791/A 791M 316 ASTM A 803/A 803M 316 ASTM A 813/A 813M 316 ASTM A 814/A 814M 316
ASTM A 903/A 903M 316 ASTM A 928/A 928M 316 ASTM A 943/A 943M 316 ASTM A 949/A 949M 316
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 316 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 316 AS1163 316 AS1528 316
G3459 316 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 316 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 316 MIL-P-1144 316


AISI 316F, X 12 CrNiMoS 18 11, 1.4427
ASTM A 213/A 213M 316F ASTM A 249/A 249M 316F ASTM A 268/A 268M 316F ASTM A 269/A 269M 316F
ASTM A 270/A 270M 316F ASTM A 312/A 312M 316F ASTM A 358/A 358M 316F ASTM A 372/A 372M 316F
ASTM A 376/A 376M316F ASTM A 409/A 409M 316F ASTM A 450/A 450M 316F ASTM A 511/A 511M 316F
ASTM A 530/A 530M 316F ASTM A 554/A 554M 316F ASTM A 632/A 632M 316F ASTM A 688/A 688M 316F
ASTM A 731/A 731M 316F ASTM A 778/A 778M 316F ASTM A 789/A 789M 316F ASTM A 790/A 790M 316F
ASTM A 791/A 791M 316F ASTM A 803/A 803M 316F ASTM A 813/A 813M 316F ASTM A 814/A 814M 316F
ASTM A 903/A 903M 316F ASTM A 928/A 928M 316F ASTM A 943/A 943M 316F ASTM A 949/A 949M 316F
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 316F ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 316F AS1163 316F AS1528 316F
G3459 316F ANSI/ASME B36.10M 316F ANSI/ASME B36.19M 316F MIL-P-1144 316F


AISI 316N, SUS 316N
ASTM A 213/A 213M 316N ASTM A 249/A 249M 316N ASTM A 268/A 268M 316N ASTM A 269/A 269M 316N
ASTM A 270/A 270M 316N ASTM A 312/A 312M 316N ASTM A 358/A 358M 316N ASTM A 372/A 372M 316N
ASTM A 376/A 376M316N ASTM A 409/A 409M 316N ASTM A 450/A 450M 316N ASTM A 511/A 511M 316N
ASTM A 530/A 530M 316N ASTM A 554/A 554M 316N ASTM A 632/A 632M 316N ASTM A 688/A 688M 316N
ASTM A 731/A 731M 316N ASTM A 778/A 778M 316N ASTM A 789/A 789M 316N ASTM A 790/A 790M 316N
ASTM A 791/A 791M 316N ASTM A 803/A 803M 316N ASTM A 813/A 813M 316N ASTM A 814/A 814M 316N
ASTM A 903/A 903M 316N ASTM A 928/A 928M 316N ASTM A 943/A 943M 316N ASTM A 949/A 949M 316N
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 316N ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 316N AS1163 316N AS1528 316N
G3459 316N ANSI/ASME B36.10M 316N ANSI/ASME B36.19M 316N MIL-P-1144 316N


AISI 316H, X 8 CrNiMo 1712, X 8 CrNiMo 1713, SUS F 316H, 03KH17 N14M2, X 5 CrNiMo 17-12, X 6 CrNiMo 17-12-03
ASTM A 213/A 213M 316H ASTM A 249/A 249M 316H ASTM A 268/A 268M 316H ASTM A 269/A 269M 316H
ASTM A 270/A 270M 316H ASTM A 312/A 312M 316H ASTM A 358/A 358M 316H ASTM A 372/A 372M 316H
ASTM A 376/A 376M316H ASTM A 409/A 409M 316H ASTM A 450/A 450M 316H ASTM A 511/A 511M 316H
ASTM A 530/A 530M 316H ASTM A 554/A 554M 316H ASTM A 632/A 632M 316H ASTM A 688/A 688M 316H
ASTM A 731/A 731M 316H ASTM A 778/A 778M 316H ASTM A 789/A 789M 316H ASTM A 790/A 790M 316H
ASTM A 791/A 791M 316H ASTM A 803/A 803M 316H ASTM A 813/A 813M 316H ASTM A 814/A 814M 316H
ASTM A 903/A 903M 316H ASTM A 928/A 928M 316H ASTM A 943/A 943M 316H ASTM A 949/A 949M 316H
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 316H ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 316H AS1163 316H AS1528 316H
G3459 316H ANSI/ASME B36.10M 316H ANSI/ASME B36.19M 316H MIL-P-1144 316H


AISI 316L, X2CrNiMo17-12-2, 1.4404, S31603, Z 2 CND 17-12, Z 2 CND 17-12-Az, X 2 CrNiMo 17 13 2, X 2 CrNiMoN 17 12 2, 1.4406, X 2 CrNiMo 17 12, X 2 CrNiMoN 1712, SUS 316L, SUS 316LN, 03KH16 N15M3, X 2 CrNiMo 17-12-03, 23 48, 316S11, X 3 CrNiMo 17 12 2, Z 2 CND 17-12-Az, X 2 CrNiMo 18 14 3, 1.4435, X 2 CrNiMo 1713, X 2 CrNiMo 17-12-03, 23 53, 316S13, X 3 CrNiMo 17 13 3, Z 2 CND 17-13-Az, X 2CrNiMoN 17 13 3, 1.4429, X 2 CrNiMoN 1713, 08KH17 N13M2T 10KH17 N13M2T, 23 75, Z6 CNDT 17-12, X 6 CrNiMoTi 17 12 2, 1.4571, x 6 CrNiMoTi 1712, 08KH17N13M2T 10KH17N13M2T, X 6 CrNiMoTi 17-12-03, 23 50, 320S31, X 6 CrNiMoTi 17 12 2, X 10 CrNiMoTi 18 12, 1.4573 X 6 CrNiMoTi 1713, 08KH16N13M2B, X 6 CrNiMoTi 17-12-03, 320S33, X 6 CrNiMoTi 17 13 3, Z 6 CNDb 17-12, X 6 CrNiMoNb 17 12 2, 1.4580, X 6 CrNiMoNb 1712, 09KH16N15M3B, X 6 CrNiMoNb 17 12 2, X 10 CrNiMoNb 18 12, 1.4583, X 6 CrNiMoNb 1713, X 6CrNiMoNb 1713, X 6 CrNiMoNb 17 13 3
ASTM A 213/A 213M 316L ASTM A 249/A 249M 316L ASTM A 268/A 268M 316L ASTM A 269/A 269M 316L
ASTM A 270/A 270M 316L ASTM A 312/A 312M 316L ASTM A 358/A 358M 316L ASTM A 372/A 372M 316L
ASTM A 376/A 376M316L ASTM A 409/A 409M 316L ASTM A 450/A 450M 316L ASTM A 511/A 511M 316L
ASTM A 530/A 530M 316L ASTM A 554/A 554M 316L ASTM A 632/A 632M 316L ASTM A 688/A 688M 316L
ASTM A 731/A 731M 316L ASTM A 778/A 778M 316L ASTM A 789/A 789M 316L ASTM A 790/A 790M 316L
ASTM A 791/A 791M 316L ASTM A 803/A 803M 316L ASTM A 813/A 813M 316L ASTM A 814/A 814M 316L
ASTM A 903/A 903M 316L ASTM A 928/A 928M 316L ASTM A 943/A 943M 316L ASTM A 949/A 949M 316L
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 316L ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 316L AS1163 316L AS1528 316L
G3459 316L ANSI/ASME B36.10M 316L ANSI/ASME B36.19M 316L MIL-P-1144 316L


AISI 317, x2CrNiMo15-15-4, 1.4438, S31700, X5 CrNiMo 1815, SUS317, 23 66, 317S16
ASTM A 213/A 213M 317 ASTM A 249/A 249M 317 ASTM A 268/A 268M 317 ASTM A 269/A 269M 317
ASTM A 270/A 270M 317 ASTM A 312/A 312M 317 ASTM A 358/A 358M 317 ASTM A 372/A 372M 317
ASTM A 376/A 376M317 ASTM A 409/A 409M 317 ASTM A 450/A 450M 317 ASTM A 511/A 511M 317
ASTM A 530/A 530M 317 ASTM A 554/A 554M 317 ASTM A 632/A 632M 317 ASTM A 688/A 688M 317
ASTM A 731/A 731M 317 ASTM A 778/A 778M 317 ASTM A 789/A 789M 317 ASTM A 790/A 790M 317
ASTM A 791/A 791M 317 ASTM A 803/A 803M 317 ASTM A 813/A 813M 317 ASTM A 814/A 814M 317
ASTM A 903/A 903M 317 ASTM A 928/A 928M 317 ASTM A 943/A 943M 317 ASTM A 949/A 949M 317
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 317 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 317 AS1163 317 AS1528 317
G3459 317 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 317 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 317 MIL-P-1144 317


AISI 317L, Z 2 CND 19-15, X 2 CrNiMo 18 16 4, 1.4438, X 2 CrNiMo 1816, SUS317L, 23 67, 317S12, X 3 CrNiMo 18 16 4
ASTM A 213/A 213M 317L ASTM A 249/A 249M 317L ASTM A 268/A 268M 317L ASTM A 269/A 269M 317L
ASTM A 270/A 270M 317L ASTM A 312/A 312M 317L ASTM A 358/A 358M 317L ASTM A 372/A 372M 317L
ASTM A 376/A 376M317L ASTM A 409/A 409M 317L ASTM A 450/A 450M 317L ASTM A 511/A 511M 317L
ASTM A 530/A 530M 317L ASTM A 554/A 554M 317L ASTM A 632/A 632M 317L ASTM A 688/A 688M 317L
ASTM A 731/A 731M 317L ASTM A 778/A 778M 317L ASTM A 789/A 789M 317L ASTM A 790/A 790M 317L
ASTM A 791/A 791M 317L ASTM A 803/A 803M 317L ASTM A 813/A 813M 317L ASTM A 814/A 814M 317L
ASTM A 903/A 903M 317L ASTM A 928/A 928M 317L ASTM A 943/A 943M 317L ASTM A 949/A 949M 317L
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 317L ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 317L AS1163 317L AS1528 317L
G3459 317L ANSI/ASME B36.10M 317L ANSI/ASME B36.19M 317L MIL-P-1144 317L


AISI 321, X6CrNiTi18-10, 1.4541, S32100, Z 6 CNT 18-10, X 6 CrNiTi 18 10 X 12 CrNiTi 18 9, 1.4878, X 6 CrNiTi 1811, SUS 321, 12KH18 N10T, X 6 CrNiTi 18-11, 23 37, 321S31, X 6 CrNiTi 18 10
ASTM A 213/A 213M 321 ASTM A 249/A 249M 321 ASTM A 268/A 268M 321 ASTM A 269/A 269M 321
ASTM A 270/A 270M 321 ASTM A 312/A 312M 321 ASTM A 358/A 358M 321 ASTM A 372/A 372M 321
ASTM A 376/A 376M321 ASTM A 409/A 409M 321 ASTM A 450/A 450M 321 ASTM A 511/A 511M 321
ASTM A 530/A 530M 321 ASTM A 554/A 554M 321 ASTM A 632/A 632M 321 ASTM A 688/A 688M 321
ASTM A 731/A 731M 321 ASTM A 778/A 778M 321 ASTM A 789/A 789M 321 ASTM A 790/A 790M 321
ASTM A 791/A 791M 321 ASTM A 803/A 803M 321 ASTM A 813/A 813M 321 ASTM A 814/A 814M 321
ASTM A 903/A 903M 321 ASTM A 928/A 928M 321 ASTM A 943/A 943M 321 ASTM A 949/A 949M 321
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 321 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 321 AS1163 321 AS1528 321
G3459 321 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 321 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 321 MIL-P-1144 321


AISI 321H, X 8CrNiTi 1811, SUS321H, X 7 CrNiTi 18-11, 321S20
ASTM A 213/A 213M 321H ASTM A 249/A 249M 321H ASTM A 268/A 268M 321H ASTM A 269/A 269M 321H
ASTM A 270/A 270M 321H ASTM A 312/A 312M 321H ASTM A 358/A 358M 321H ASTM A 372/A 372M 321H
ASTM A 376/A 376M321H ASTM A 409/A 409M 321H ASTM A 450/A 450M 321H ASTM A 511/A 511M 321H
ASTM A 530/A 530M 321H ASTM A 554/A 554M 321H ASTM A 632/A 632M 321H ASTM A 688/A 688M 321H
ASTM A 731/A 731M 321H ASTM A 778/A 778M 321H ASTM A 789/A 789M 321H ASTM A 790/A 790M 321H
ASTM A 791/A 791M 321H ASTM A 803/A 803M 321H ASTM A 813/A 813M 321H ASTM A 814/A 814M 321H
ASTM A 903/A 903M 321H ASTM A 928/A 928M 321H ASTM A 943/A 943M 321H ASTM A 949/A 949M 321H
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 321H ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 321H AS1163 321H AS1528 321H
G3459 321H ANSI/ASME B36.10M 321H ANSI/ASME B36.19M 321H MIL-P-1144 321H


AISI 329, X 8 CrNiMo 27 5, 1.4460, SUS 329J1, 08KH18 N12B, 23 24
ASTM A 213/A 213M 329 ASTM A 249/A 249M 329 ASTM A 268/A 268M 329 ASTM A 269/A 269M 329
ASTM A 270/A 270M 329 ASTM A 312/A 312M 329 ASTM A 358/A 358M 329 ASTM A 372/A 372M 329
ASTM A 376/A 376M329 ASTM A 409/A 409M 329 ASTM A 450/A 450M 329 ASTM A 511/A 511M 329
ASTM A 530/A 530M 329 ASTM A 554/A 554M 329 ASTM A 632/A 632M 329 ASTM A 688/A 688M 329
ASTM A 731/A 731M 329 ASTM A 778/A 778M 329 ASTM A 789/A 789M 329 ASTM A 790/A 790M 329
ASTM A 791/A 791M 329 ASTM A 803/A 803M 329 ASTM A 813/A 813M 329 ASTM A 814/A 814M 329
ASTM A 903/A 903M 329 ASTM A 928/A 928M 329 ASTM A 943/A 943M 329 ASTM A 949/A 949M 329
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 329 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 329 AS1163 329 AS1528 329
G3459 329 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 329 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 329 MIL-P-1144 329


AISI 347, X6CrNiNb 18-10, 1.4550, S34700, Z 6 CNNb 18-10, X 6 CrNiNb 18 10, x 6 cRNiNb 1811, SUS 347, X 6 cRNiNb 18-11, 23 38 347S31, X 6 CrNiNb 18 10
ASTM A 213/A 213M 347 ASTM A 249/A 249M 347 ASTM A 268/A 268M 347 ASTM A 269/A 269M 347
ASTM A 270/A 270M 347 ASTM A 312/A 312M 347 ASTM A 358/A 358M 347 ASTM A 372/A 372M 347
ASTM A 376/A 376M347 ASTM A 409/A 409M 347 ASTM A 450/A 450M 347 ASTM A 511/A 511M 347
ASTM A 530/A 530M 347 ASTM A 554/A 554M 347 ASTM A 632/A 632M 347 ASTM A 688/A 688M 347
ASTM A 731/A 731M 347 ASTM A 778/A 778M 347 ASTM A 789/A 789M 347 ASTM A 790/A 790M 347
ASTM A 791/A 791M 347 ASTM A 803/A 803M 347 ASTM A 813/A 813M 347 ASTM A 814/A 814M 347
ASTM A 903/A 903M 347 ASTM A 928/A 928M 347 ASTM A 943/A 943M 347 ASTM A 949/A 949M 347
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 347 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 347 AS1163 347 AS1528 347
G3459 347 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 347 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 347 MIL-P-1144 347


AISI 347H, X 8 CrNiNb 1811, SUS F 347H, X 7 CrNiNb 18-11
ASTM A 213/A 213M 347H ASTM A 249/A 249M 347H ASTM A 268/A 268M 347H ASTM A 269/A 269M 347H
ASTM A 270/A 270M 347H ASTM A 312/A 312M 347H ASTM A 358/A 358M 347H ASTM A 372/A 372M 347H
ASTM A 376/A 376M347H ASTM A 409/A 409M 347H ASTM A 450/A 450M 347H ASTM A 511/A 511M 347H
ASTM A 530/A 530M 347H ASTM A 554/A 554M 347H ASTM A 632/A 632M 347H ASTM A 688/A 688M 347H
ASTM A 731/A 731M 347H ASTM A 778/A 778M 347H ASTM A 789/A 789M 347H ASTM A 790/A 790M 347H
ASTM A 791/A 791M 347H ASTM A 803/A 803M 347H ASTM A 813/A 813M 347H ASTM A 814/A 814M 347H
ASTM A 903/A 903M 347H ASTM A 928/A 928M 347H ASTM A 943/A 943M 347H ASTM A 949/A 949M 347H
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 347H ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 347H AS1163 347H AS1528 347H
G3459 347H ANSI/ASME B36.10M 347H ANSI/ASME B36.19M 347H MIL-P-1144 347H


AISI 403, Z 12 C 13, X 6 Cr 13, X 10 Cr 13, X 15 Cr 13, 1.4000, 1.4006, 1.4024, X 12 Cr 13, SUS 403, X 6 Cr 13, 23 02, 403S17, X 10 Cr 13, X 12 Cr 13
ASTM A 213/A 213M 403 ASTM A 249/A 249M 403 ASTM A 268/A 268M 403 ASTM A 269/A 269M 403
ASTM A 270/A 270M 403 ASTM A 312/A 312M 403 ASTM A 358/A 358M 403 ASTM A 372/A 372M 403
ASTM A 376/A 376M 403 ASTM A 409/A 409M 403 ASTM A 450/A 450M 403 ASTM A 511/A 511M 403
ASTM A 530/A 530M 403 ASTM A 554/A 554M 403 ASTM A 632/A 632M 403 ASTM A 688/A 688M 403
ASTM A 731/A 731M 403 ASTM A 778/A 778M 403 ASTM A 789/A 789M 403 ASTM A 790/A 790M 403
ASTM A 791/A 791M 403 ASTM A 803/A 803M 403 ASTM A 813/A 813M 403 ASTM A 814/A 814M 403
ASTM A 903/A 903M 403 ASTM A 928/A 928M 403 ASTM A 943/A 943M 403 ASTM A 949/A 949M 403
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 403 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 403 AS1163 403 AS1528 403
G3459 403 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 403 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 403 MIL-P-1144 403


AISI 405, X6CrAl13, 1.4002, S40500, Z 6 CA 13, SUS 405, 405SA17, Z 8 CA 7, X 10 CrAL 7, 1.4713, 10Kh13SYu, X 10 CrAl 7, X 10 CrAl 13, 1.4724, X 10 CrAl 12, 15Kh18SYu, X 10 CrAl 18, 1.4742, X 10 CrSiAl 18
ASTM A 213/A 213M 405 ASTM A 249/A 249M 405 ASTM A 268/A 268M 405 ASTM A 269/A 269M 405
ASTM A 270/A 270M 405 ASTM A 312/A 312M 405 ASTM A 358/A 358M 405 ASTM A 372/A 372M 405
ASTM A 376/A 376M 405 ASTM A 409/A 409M 405 ASTM A 450/A 450M 405 ASTM A 511/A 511M 405
ASTM A 530/A 530M 405 ASTM A 554/A 554M 405 ASTM A 632/A 632M 405 ASTM A 688/A 688M 405
ASTM A 731/A 731M 405 ASTM A 778/A 778M 405 ASTM A 789/A 789M 405 ASTM A 790/A 790M 405
ASTM A 791/A 791M 405 ASTM A 803/A 803M 405 ASTM A 813/A 813M 405 ASTM A 814/A 814M 405
ASTM A 903/A 903M 405 ASTM A 928/A 928M 405 ASTM A 943/A 943M 405 ASTM A 949/A 949M 405
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 405 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 405 AS1163 405 AS1528 405
G3459 405 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 405 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 405 MIL-P-1144 405


AISI 409, X2CrTi12, 1.4512, S40900, Z 6 CT 12, X 6 CrTi 12, X 6 CrTi 12, SUH 409, 409S19, X 5 CrTi 12, X 2 CrTi 12, 12Kh13
ASTM A 213/A 213M 409 ASTM A 249/A 249M 409 ASTM A 268/A 268M 409 ASTM A 269/A 269M 409
ASTM A 270/A 270M 409 ASTM A 312/A 312M 409 ASTM A 358/A 358M 409 ASTM A 372/A 372M 409
ASTM A 376/A 376M 409 ASTM A 409/A 409M 409 ASTM A 450/A 450M 409 ASTM A 511/A 511M 409
ASTM A 530/A 530M 409 ASTM A 554/A 554M 409 ASTM A 632/A 632M 409 ASTM A 688/A 688M 409
ASTM A 731/A 731M 409 ASTM A 778/A 778M 409 ASTM A 789/A 789M 409 ASTM A 790/A 790M 409
ASTM A 791/A 791M 409 ASTM A 803/A 803M 409 ASTM A 813/A 813M 409 ASTM A 814/A 814M 409
ASTM A 903/A 903M 409 ASTM A 928/A 928M 409 ASTM A 943/A 943M 4095 ASTM A 949/A 949M 409
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 409 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 409 AS1163 409 AS1528 4095
G3459 409 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 409 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 409 MIL-P-1144 409


AISI 410, X12Cr13, 1.4006, S41000, Z 10 C 13 Z 12 C 13, X 6 Cr 13, X 10 Cr 13, X 15 Cr 13, 1.4000, 1.4006, 1.4024, X 12 Cr 13, SUS 410 08Kh13, X 12 Cr 13, 23 02, 410S21, X 12 Cr 13
ASTM A 213/A 213M 410 ASTM A 249/A 249M 410 ASTM A 268/A 268M 410 ASTM A 269/A 269M 410
ASTM A 270/A 270M 410 ASTM A 312/A 312M 410 ASTM A 358/A 358M 410 ASTM A 372/A 372M 410
ASTM A 376/A 376M 410 ASTM A 409/A 409M 410 ASTM A 450/A 450M 410 ASTM A 511/A 511M 410
ASTM A 530/A 530M 410 ASTM A 554/A 554M 410 ASTM A 632/A 632M 410 ASTM A 688/A 688M 410
ASTM A 731/A 731M 410 ASTM A 778/A 778M 410 ASTM A 789/A 789M 410 ASTM A 790/A 790M 410
ASTM A 791/A 791M 410 ASTM A 803/A 803M 410 ASTM A 813/A 813M 410 ASTM A 814/A 814M 410
ASTM A 903/A 903M 410 ASTM A 928/A 928M 410 ASTM A 943/A 943M 410 ASTM A 949/A 949M 410
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 410 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 410 AS1163 410 AS1528 410
G3459 410 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 410 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 410 MIL-P-1144 410


AISI 410S, Z 6 C 13, X 6 Cr 13, 1.4000, X 6 Cr 13, SUS 410S, 23 01, 403S17, X 6 Cr 13
ASTM A 213/A 213M 410S ASTM A 249/A 249M 410S ASTM A 268/A 268M 410S ASTM A 269/A 269M 410S
ASTM A 270/A 270M 410S ASTM A 312/A 312M 410S ASTM A 358/A 358M 410S ASTM A 372/A 372M 410S
ASTM A 376/A 376M 410S ASTM A 409/A 409M 410S ASTM A 450/A 450M 410S ASTM A 511/A 511M 410S
ASTM A 530/A 530M 410S ASTM A 554/A 554M 410S ASTM A 632/A 632M 410S ASTM A 688/A 688M 410S
ASTM A 731/A 731M 410S ASTM A 778/A 778M 410S ASTM A 789/A 789M 410S ASTM A 790/A 790M 410S
ASTM A 791/A 791M 410S ASTM A 803/A 803M 410S ASTM A 813/A 813M 410S ASTM A 814/A 814M 410S
ASTM A 903/A 903M 410S ASTM A 928/A 928M 410S ASTM A 943/A 943M 410S ASTM A 949/A 949M 410S
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 410S ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 410S AS1163 410S AS1528 410S
G3459 410S ANSI/ASME B36.10M 410S ANSI/ASME B36.19M 410S MIL-P-1144 410S


AISI 416, X12CrS13, 1.4005, S41600
ASTM A 213/A 213M 416 ASTM A 249/A 249M 416 ASTM A 268/A 268M 416 ASTM A 269/A 269M 416
ASTM A 270/A 270M 416 ASTM A 312/A 312M 416 ASTM A 358/A 358M 416 ASTM A 372/A 372M 416
ASTM A 376/A 376M 416 ASTM A 409/A 409M 416 ASTM A 450/A 450M 416 ASTM A 511/A 511M 416
ASTM A 530/A 530M 416 ASTM A 554/A 554M 416 ASTM A 632/A 632M 416 ASTM A 688/A 688M 416
ASTM A 731/A 731M 416 ASTM A 778/A 778M 416 ASTM A 789/A 789M 416 ASTM A 790/A 790M 416
ASTM A 791/A 791M 416 ASTM A 803/A 803M 416 ASTM A 813/A 813M 416 ASTM A 814/A 814M 416
ASTM A 903/A 903M 416 ASTM A 928/A 928M 416 ASTM A 943/A 943M 416 ASTM A 949/A 949M 416
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 416 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 416 AS1163 416 AS1528 416
G3459 416 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 416 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 416 MIL-P-1144 416


AISI 420, X20Cr13, 1.4021, S42000
ASTM A 213/A 213M 420 ASTM A 249/A 249M 420 ASTM A 268/A 268M 420 ASTM A 269/A 269M 420
ASTM A 270/A 270M 420 ASTM A 312/A 312M 420 ASTM A 358/A 358M 420 ASTM A 372/A 372M 420
ASTM A 376/A 376M 420 ASTM A 409/A 409M 420 ASTM A 450/A 450M 420 ASTM A 511/A 511M 420
ASTM A 530/A 530M 420 ASTM A 554/A 554M 420 ASTM A 632/A 632M 420 ASTM A 688/A 688M 420
ASTM A 731/A 731M 420 ASTM A 778/A 778M 420 ASTM A 789/A 789M 420 ASTM A 790/A 790M 420
ASTM A 791/A 791M 420 ASTM A 803/A 803M 420 ASTM A 813/A 813M 420 ASTM A 814/A 814M 420
ASTM A 903/A 903M 420 ASTM A 928/A 928M 420 ASTM A 943/A 943M 420 ASTM A 949/A 949M 420
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 420 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 420 AS1163 420 AS1528 420
G3459 420 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 420 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 420 MIL-P-1144 420


AISI 430, X6Cr17, 1.4016, S43000
ASTM A 213/A 213M 430 ASTM A 249/A 249M 430 ASTM A 268/A 268M 430 ASTM A 269/A 269M 430
ASTM A 270/A 270M 430 ASTM A 312/A 312M 430 ASTM A 358/A 358M 430 ASTM A 372/A 372M 430
ASTM A 376/A 376M 430 ASTM A 409/A 409M 430 ASTM A 450/A 450M 430 ASTM A 511/A 511M 430
ASTM A 530/A 530M 430 ASTM A 554/A 554M 430 ASTM A 632/A 632M 430 ASTM A 688/A 688M 430
ASTM A 731/A 731M 430 ASTM A 778/A 778M 430 ASTM A 789/A 789M 430 ASTM A 790/A 790M 430
ASTM A 791/A 791M 430 ASTM A 803/A 803M 430 ASTM A 813/A 813M 430 ASTM A 814/A 814M 430
ASTM A 903/A 903M 430 ASTM A 928/A 928M 430 ASTM A 943/A 943M 430 ASTM A 949/A 949M 430
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 430 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 430 AS1163 430 AS1528 430
G3459 430 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 430 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 430 MIL-P-1144 430


AISI 431, X17CrNi16-2, 1.4057, S43100
ASTM A 213/A 213M 431 ASTM A 249/A 249M 431 ASTM A 268/A 268M 431 ASTM A 269/A 269M 431
ASTM A 270/A 270M 431 ASTM A 312/A 312M 431 ASTM A 358/A 358M 431 ASTM A 372/A 372M 431
ASTM A 376/A 376M 431 ASTM A 409/A 409M 431 ASTM A 450/A 450M 431 ASTM A 511/A 511M 431
ASTM A 530/A 530M 431 ASTM A 554/A 554M 431 ASTM A 632/A 632M 431 ASTM A 688/A 688M 431
ASTM A 731/A 731M 431 ASTM A 778/A 778M 431 ASTM A 789/A 789M 431 ASTM A 790/A 790M 431
ASTM A 791/A 791M 431 ASTM A 803/A 803M 431 ASTM A 813/A 813M 431 ASTM A 814/A 814M 431
ASTM A 903/A 903M 431 ASTM A 928/A 928M 431 ASTM A 943/A 943M 431 ASTM A 949/A 949M 431
ASTM A 1012/A 1012 431 ASTM A 1053/A 1053M 431 AS1163 431 AS1528 431
G3459 431 ANSI/ASME B36.10M 431 ANSI/ASME B36.19M 431 MIL-P-1144 431